Friday Night Cocktails: Portugal Bifana and Morangão

Bifana (Portuguese Pork Cutlets)
The bifana is a traditional Portuguese sandwich that comprises of a bread roll filled with marinated pork cutlets. The secret is in the marinade and how its cooked. It's deliciously Portuguese and simple, made from garlic, white wine, and a few spices.
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Portuguese Morangão
Morangão is the most famous cocktails made with the classic Portuguese liquor, Licor Beirão. Licor Beirão is a 22% double distillation of aromatic plants and spices. It is sweet, syrupy with flavors of caramel and herbs and spices that are hard to place. There are hints of cocoa, vanilla and anise. When doing a taste test with what we had in our liquor stock, it came closest to Benedictine. Fresh strawberries and lemon juice make for a refreshing light cocktail.
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