Big Batch Cocktails

Big batch cocktail can easily be mixed in large batches and if properly stored in a glass or stainless steel container may be refrigerated for two to four days prior to serving. They are great for outings or events. This post features our fan favorite recipes and our takes on a Rum Runner, Sangria and Tavern Punch.

Rum Runner – Jim O
This recipe is a fan favorite submitted by Jim Overschmidt. Its fruity and and delicious. Perfect for sipping on a warm day by the pool.
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Freises Corner Bar Rum Runner
The Rum Runner is a classic Tiki cocktail that is fruity and sweet. Like any great classic there are many various of this cocktail. This variation has been developed to be made in a big batch and adds lime juice to slightly reduce the sweetness.
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BB Tavern Punch
This well worn and loved recipe was shared as a fan favorite by Betty Brown. This is sure to be a party pleasure.
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Freises Corner Bar Tavern Punch
This lightly sweet punch tastes like a slightly boozy lemonade. Beware! It goes down smooth and easy.
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Freise’s Corner Bar Sangria
A Portuguese classic Sangria made with a nice dry Portuguese Douro Valley Reserva
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